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ERP evaluation

Evaluating business resource planning (ERP) systems for potential acquisitions is an important task: you and your selection committee/stakeholder need to consider a large amount of research material and operational data. Use the most important ERP evaluation criteria and the function checklist on this page to help you get started with your ERP search.

Your ERP software must meet the following criteria, based on your organizational requirements:

Relationship with the customer/account management

Make sure the CRM module enables users to see customers across a variety of custom views, including products, geography, account type, and more. An effective CRM module should also provide easy access to the ERP information needed on any device at any time.

Accounts payable reports

Good ERP systems provide your accounts payable team with sufficient relationships to make capture more efficient and easier to evaluate the aging of accounts.

CRP (Capacity Requirements Planning)

If you need to identify the resources needed to meet the production requirements, a CRP module in your ERP evaluation system is essential.

MRP (Material Requirements Planning)

Some companies need to manufacture planning, scheduling, and a merchandise management system. If this is also part of your requirements, make sure the ERP evaluation contains this form.

BOM (material list)

Is it necessary to use invoices when creating production orders to manufacture products? In this case, make sure to include this feature with an ERP system that you are considering.

Logistics management

Because logistics management is essential to the overall planning and execution of your organization, logistical management in your ERP evaluation is an essential feature. I do not believe that ERP without logistical management is considered an integral part.

BI (Business Intelligence)

We've already addressed the business intelligence needs because many of the key BI solutions are independent products. But BI can also be part of your ERP. It's a matter of organizational preference, whether you use BI tools in your ERP system or select an independent BI tool, the best of its kind.

ERP Assessment Is Very Important For Your Business!


ERP assessment is very important always. It offers several advantages. If you are planning to implement ERP software for your business, then before implement make assessment first!



Presently, there are several online reputed vendors available in the market, before select anyone, there are few things you have to consider, like

  • Check the vendor company profile
  • Check their authentication and employee details
  • Their portfolio
  • Their customer services
  • Whether they offer customizable ERP software or not, etc.

After profound research, choose the best one easily. Assessment means you have to understand whether the vendor is capable to make everything easily or not! They can customize your requirement or not! Understand, check their demo, and then proceed.

Advantages of ERP solution

Do you know what kind of advantages you will get if you implement ERP? Before erp assessment through the vendor, one should understand its benefits, like

  • It will improve the production
  • It will increase business ROI
  • It will manage everything and reduce your operational cost.
  • You can put data department wise, you can print report anytime for any department
  • Access the software easily from anywhere at any device, you just need username and password
  • The process is simple and up to date.

So, these are reasons, every manufacturer prefers this software for their work. It will up to date all the data, you can edit, modify even delete easily. Business owners can able to control all the system easily and it will make you profitable as well.

If you hesitate till now whether you are implementing ERP or not, then you should try this one! It will offer several advantages and help you to improve the production. Choose a reputed vendor now and implement it.

Why Erp Assessment Is Essential And Important?


If you are a business owner and planning to implement ERP for your business, then erp assessment is very essential for that! Assessment helps you to understand about the topic properly. Before install software for your business, you should understand about it! ERP basically software which keeps records all the details related to your business.

If you have different departments, like HR, Marketing, Finance, and production, then this software will update all the records. It helps to update record department wish and if you wish, you can coordinate and get all the report together. If you wish, you can make print out anytime.

Details about the ERP system

ERP system plays an important role, like

  • Keep data safe
  • Up to date or edit whenever require
  • Provide complete security. Without any username or password, user unable to open it
  • Back up support completely. If data lost from software, you will get entire backup support
  • Online and offline support
  • Help to improve the business efficiency
  • Run and coordinate with every department simple

If you install it, it will increase your production. Once the production will do smoothly, definitely it will increase the business efficiency.

How to find the best company?

Presently, there are several online companies available in the market which offers different types of ERP packages. You can choose anyone as per your requirement and the budget. Every package includes some attractive offer and special features.

Now, before select any company, make sure you have check their official website. Check whether they are authentic or not! Check their website and their customer reviews to know more details about their services. It helps to generate production and a reputed company always provides you customer support. So, make erp assessment for your business now!

Get more info here.

Implement Erp On Your Business And Run Business Smoothly

Do you want to run your business smoothly? Do you want to coordinate your every department together? Well, if you are looking for, then implement ERP. It is one of the best software which offers several advantages.

But before implement, you should understand proper erp software selection. If you don’t have much idea about this software, here, in this article we are going to offer you lots of information’s. This software includes different categories as per your business. You can easily customize this software as per your requirement and the budget.





Advantages of ERP software

If you implement ERP on your organization, you will get several advantages, like

  • It helps to run your business smoothly
  • It coordinate with every department
  • You can update all the department wise record using this software
  • It will save your valuable time and cost both
  • If you wish, you can customize it easily.

Importance of selecting proper company

If you want to implement this software for your company, then it’s better to choose a professional company who offer this service. They have experience, so they can able to help you erp software selection process. As per your requirement and the budget, they will offer you superior quality services.

Once you implement it, you don’t need to recruit lots of employee for data update. So, it will reduce the operation cost and help you to run the business smoothly. So, search the net and choose the best ERP solution provider. They will understand your requirement first and understand business type and then offer you service.

It will increase the business ROI and helps you to run the business smoothly. It will update all the data’s and help you to get any information easily.

Get Your Company To A New Level With The Right Erp Software


Are you an owner of SME? Then you must be thinking about the implementation of the ERP for your organization’s successful feedback.

Most of the time, the costs are controlled by the ERP software by the mall and medium scale enterprises. As the reason is only to the finance, so the implementation of the ERP should be done within your set budget. But to do it within budget, it does not mean that whatever can be done for it.



Information to implement ERP in right way

For a successful ERP implementation, the firsts target is to choose the right ERP. So there are different factors to be considered for ensuring the management of the project in right manner.

  1. First of all a water clear plan has to be done to get a successful ERP. The plan will include all the changes, timelines and the requirement of the companies.
  2. Now the business will have some changes which should be adapted by the employees too. Ask out the employee if they are comfortable with the new way to handle their task.
  3. The ERP implementation plan should also take care of the budget.  Often it has been seen that even after spending so much you don’t get the right thing. so look at both- the software and the budget too.
  4. Project should be customized and delivered as per the need of the client. It should be the main aim to implement the ERP. Thus your business grows and you get a good profit out of it.
  5. Sometimes the ERP fails to serve the purpose. History has shown valid reasons for those conditions. Return of investment is not achieved or project is not being delivered at time or it may have negative impact on the businesses by production loss on customer’s service or roll outs in the business


Take your organization to a new height of success

Have you thought of implementing the ERP? Well why you have taken such a decision.

Hope you are not flowing with trend without having a basic idea. But many are doing so without even knowing how it is helpful.

ERP or the enterprise resource planning is now the sole of an organization. Investment done on its implementation is never a failure.

But to implement it one should know about its different phases.

Here are the phases described for a rough idea.

Know about the implementation of the ERP

ERP implementation is having a different concept between the conceptualization of the term and implementing it in the organization. So a consideration of the cost Vs benefits and the ROI or the return on investment should be considered. Only if the managements get satisfactory results, then only they should be implemented otherwise not.

Now the feedback is also dependent upon the product that is serving the ERP. The suitability of the product t the business is another great factor in the implementation. But that does not mean that nothing can be done if the wrong one is chose.

Customization of the ERP is common now and it can be tailored as essential. But to skip such extra expense, one should have a proper discussion before availing the service.

Phase of the implementation

ERP implementation methodologies also include the re-engineering or business process engineering. The configuration of the ERP has to be done by the consultants of the ERP. Moreover the communication between the functional and technical consultants has to be build up for successful implementation.

Planning is the main aim behind every ERP implementation methodologies. Also the practical experience of the consultants plays a vital role.

So while you recruit any consultants, ensure that they are having experience in the field of the work. This would make your task easier and also successful.

Get more info here.

Erp Comparison-The Comparison Of Various Resources Planning Tools


It remains very hard to strategically plan, decide and form the strategies to face the challenges. What depends is a proper network and channel of transforming ideas to execute the activities of an organisation. Competency and effectiveness are the two prime factors which strikes a major balance between the two. Top notch models and innovations can bring changes. In order to work on high level of competency, uniqueness is required the most. Challenges are made to set the targets and it can gear the growth process of a company. It is needed to plan according to the needs of an organization to meet the growing demands.



Criterion for ERP Comparison

In areas of business fields, decision making and analysing becomes highly important. What does the IT persons face? The important part is choosing a new enterprise resource planning system and ERP comparison can be done. ERP comparison can be done on the basis of ERP vendors. The factors which determine the basis of comparing ERP are sorted. It can be named as creating the value for business, operating according to standards of industry, providing timely and efficient support, scaling to suit the requirements of business needs. Yes, it all depends on the competency level and the steady pace to organize.

Features for ERP Comparison

Product features for ERP are accountable and it is the key to understand the market needs. In order to create niche in the business forum, a company will find what suits it. ERP comparison features are noted on the basis of accounting and finance function. Planning and optimization is one of the key features of ERP. Some of the other notable features of ERP are employee management which includes payroll, job and project management, supply chain management. It is evaluated as how best it can deliver to industry specific capabilities.

Erp Reduce Work Load And Save Your Money


If you will install ERP for your business, then try erp implementation methodology. It is one of the best ways to reduce work load and run your business smoothly. You don’t need to hire lots of employee to keep record everything. Using this software, you can able to put all the records and maintain all the records easily. You just need to hire a person for this purpose. Who will update and maintain every record easily. Most of the people don’t have much idea about the ERP, but you don’t need to worry.



Advantages of ERP software

A professional ERP development company always offer strong customer care service. They send experienced employee who help you to understand its operation properly. They will train your employee to learn about its operation and they will trainee until your employee become professional.  If you have a manufacturing unit, then erp implementation is very important. If you will use ERP it will reduce work load and you can able to trace and find any record easily. Every manufacturing company includes several departments and to coordinate every department ERP software is the best.

Choose a reputed developer

If you choose a reputed developer, they will offer several advantages. First, they will understand your production process and requirement clearly, and then provide proper ERP system for you! People can change, modify, and edit its features very easily. Another advantage is, they will support 24*7. So, whenever you face any problem with this software, you can call them immediately and they will come to join you! It’s a best way install this software and run your business without any problem. It helps to improve your business efficiency and effectiveness. It also helps to run your business smoothly. So, search the net now!


Tips for Finding ERP Implementation Methodology


In the recent past, two implementation methodologies existed. When looking for an erp solution to buy, make sure you understand the methodology the reseller is offering, its advantages and disadvantages too.

  1. The Turnkey Method

This methodology is known as Turnkey because it’s a vendor-supported technique. It uses the following stages:

  1. Planning

The activities are similar to the traditional method, with the consultants play a significant role in the development plan.

  1. Discovery

Here, there is a huge difference between the traditional and turnkey method. In this stage, the consultants review the design and setup a new process and carry out a test with less involvement of the customer team. The implementation team then provides input on the current operations. What the vendor group does is to provide a turnkey approach to the design and to set up of the new process.

  1. The Traditional Method

The traditional erp implementation methodology has been around since the early 80s, and it uses the following stages:

  1. Planning

The vendors or the customers, who are the project managers work in liaison to form the implantation team and work on the project based on anidea erp implementation methodology for the available resources and project scope. The initial meeting is usually attended by the entire team to analyze the project plan and talk about the objectives of the project.

  1.  Education

It is the duty of the consultants to educate the implementation team. In this methodology, this is a critical step. Many people believe in this course because it is the key to the client’s successful project and self-sufficiency.

  1. Go Live Support

The implementation teamwork with the end user to ensure the new system is functional. The team then offers real time support. During the first month, the consultants go on site to support resolutions of problems supposes they arise.

Understanding the Traditional ERP Implementation Methodology


In the past years, there have been two different implementation methodologies. When purchasing an erp system, ensure you comprehend the erp implementation methodology offered by the reseller or the vendor as well as its merits and demerits. The traditional erp implementation methodology has been around since the early 80s, and it uses the following stages:


Planning for the erp methodology

The vendors or the customers, who are the project managers work in liaison to form the implantation team and work on the project based on the best erp implementation methodology for the available resources and project scope. The entire team to analyze the project plan and talk about the objectives of the project usually attends the initial meeting.

Training the team

It is the duty of the consultants to educate the implementation team. In this methodology, this is a critical step. Many of those who believe in this course because it is the key to the client’s successful project and self-sufficiency.



The consultants guide the implementation team in configuring, designing and setting up business processes and new system. They also support what the team does as well as the process.

Conference room pilot

It is the work of the implementation team to test the system in different conference room pilots-CRP. The final CRP converts to simulate “Go Live.”  When the process ends, the team approves the order, and it is ready to go live. The consultants support the effort of the team. At the end of it all, the customers have a full grasp of the new system.

Support for “Go Live”

The implementation team works with the end user to ensure the new system is functional. The team then offers real time support. During the first month, the consultants go on site to support resolutions of problems supposes they arise.



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